Jr Kip Bar By Tumbl Trak Reviews – The Best Gymnastics Bar For Kids

Hey there, does your kids loves to do gymnastics? If yes, you must be having a lot of trouble looking for a great gymnastics bar. We understand how you feel because there are just so many choices available in the market.

The Jr Kip Bar is one of the most popular gymnastics bars right now in the market. So how does it actually compares with other competitors and is it really worth the money? Find out the pros and cons by reading this article.

Why the Tumbl Trak Junior Kip Bar?

Well, this gymnastic bar is a perfect bar for home use and it is made of solid maple wood bar quality.

Featuring a 1-1/2” diameter solid maple bar, this latest and upgraded design of the Jr. Kip Bar will surely offer much more stability for advanced level skills and senior gymnasts.

Reviews has shown that it works perfectly for beginners and intermediates.

How Does This Kip Bar Works?

This Bar can be used for a lot of types of exercises. To list down a few, you could use it for splits to improve your flexibility or you could do pull ups with it. You could also do some jumps, leaps and turns with it. Overall, this gymnastic bar can be used for almost everything that can improve your flexibility, strength and agility.

What Are The Key Features Of The Junior Kip Bar?

The Key features of this bar is that it is the only kip bar on the market with rounded corners. A rounded corner kip bar has so many advantages for a beginner level gymnast.

It also helps gives them more confidence when they are practicing and also keeps them safe. Skills like the back hip circles and kips can be easily performed easily on the Jr Kip Bar. The beauty of this product is that even if your kids is at an advanced level, its base can be further stabilized with a 4’ x 8’ piece of plywood.

I LOVE IT! I bought this bar so my daughter could practice at home. After a few months of practicing at home SHE MADE THE TEAM! This bar is great! We are very pleased and the assembly was very easy.

Madison T. Edwards

What are The Pros and Cons of The Bar?


  • Easy to Set Up.
  • It is very sturdy and easily adjusts to different heights.
  • The Base can be further stabilized with extensions and plywood.


  • May be difficult to obtain spare parts if some of the screw and nuts needs to be replaced.
  • Understanding on the weight limitation is very criticial before purhasing this bar. You can find our detailed breakdown below.
  • The mat does not come with the purchase of the bar as shown in the picture, do ensure that the package you buy is correct as to prevent dissapointment.

To help you with your decision, we have done a detailed breakdown for the Jr Kip Bar.

  • If your kids are weighing between 50-70 lbs and they are just at a beginner level, we recommend the Junior Kip Bar.
  • If your kids are weighing between 50-70 lbs and they are at an advanced level, we recommend you get the Junior Kip Bar with Optional Stabilizers.
  • For those weighing up to a maximum of 125 lbs and are very skilled with this sport, we recommend the Junior Kip Bar with Plywood and Optional Stabilizers.

Final Verdict - The Best Gymnastics Kip Bar for sale

Tumbl Trak Junior Kip Bar - GO FOR IT!!

​If you are looking to get the best gymnastics kip bar for your kids, we will highly recommend you this Bar. We seriously think that it is as good as advertised. With so many great reviews on the Tumbl Trak Junior Kip Bar, I am sure you will not regret getting this bar.

If you have made up your decision to get the bar, you might want to consider getting a good quality gymnastics mat to protect your child.​

​If you want to look at other choices, do checkout our article on the top rated gymnastics bar for home.

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