Best Gymnastics Bars For Sale 2017 – Cheap Bars For Home Use

Do you have a budding gymnast in your home? With all of the great gymnastics bars for sale on the market today, there’s no reason to avoid adding gymnastics equipment for your young gymnast.

Your young gymnast will have plenty of opportunity to learn new skills with a gymnastics bar at home.

Your child will love to have their own personal bar to use for practice and training with a kids gymnastics bar.

It’s important to choose the correct gymnastics bar for your home. Look for a sturdy, stable bar that fits your child’s height. Adjustable bars are the perfect option as your gymnast grows and increases their skill level. There are plenty of gymnastics bars for home selling on the market today. Read on for reviews of the best home gymnastics bars for 2017.

Why Buy a Gymnastics Bar for Your Home?

If you are considering purchasing a home gymnastics bar, you are likely spending plenty of time and money for your child to take gymnastics classes or lessons. Adding extra classes is taxing not only on your time but also on your budget.

Why not help your little gymnast practice the lessons, routines and the moves in the comfort of your own home. This will save you from multiple trips to the gym and extra money for additional classes each week. Who wouldn’t be all for saving time and money?

Tumblr Trak Junior Pro Gymnastics Bar

Out of all the gymnastics bars in this page, our favourite is the Tumbl Trak Junior PRO gymnastics bar. This versatile bar is great for kids up to 125 lbs and offers sturdy construction with easy assembly. It is really a 5 star bar.

Having your young gymnast practice at home also gives you the opportunity to monitor her progress outside of the lessons and classes. She can practice anytime and show off all that she learned while practicing to get to the next level.

How Much Do Gymnastics Bars Typically Cost?

Adding an uneven bar to your home gym doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are plenty of gymnastics bars out there for every budget and for every level of gymnastics. The bar won’t take up much space in your gym, and many of them can be easily dismantled and stored if needed.

A reasonable good quality gymnastics bar will ranges from $250 to $500. So there are lots of choice out there, and there are full gymnastics equipment packages as well which includes gymnastics mats and balance beam, however it will be more costly, normally ranges from $700 to $1000.

Our Recommendation

The Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar is our top pick as it is the perfect option for young at-home gymnasts.

The Tumbl Trak Junior PRO offers a 1 ½” solid maple bar and durable steel tubing. Tumbl Trak is a reputable vendor that offers many quality gymnastic products.

The bar is small enough to use even in the smallest spaces in your home and it’s easy to assemble. Many satisfied customers have used the this bar which is available in either blue or pink.

The Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar is the best gymnastic bar on the market. However, if you are looking for the complete set of gymnastics equipments for your kids, then you would want to have a look at little gym deluxe by Nimblesport.

Our List Of Best Gymnastics Bars For Sale 2017

The 10 Best Gymnastics Bars for Home 2017

1. Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar - Best Gymastic Bar for home

The Tumbl Trak Junior Pro is a great option for a young budding gymnast. This gymnastics bars for kids offers stable bar great to give the young gymnast the confidence to learn new skills.

This bar is available in two colors – pink and blue. If offers many features including an adjustable height. You choose the right height with a turn of the knob.

Product Details:

125 lbs. for bar weight limit

Steel Frame with beech wood bar material

38” – 59” adjustable bar height

Recommended matting of 4” to 6” ( 4’ x 6’)

The small size of this bar is perfect for use in any room of your home. Set up and assembly are easy, which also makes it easy to take down and store at any time.

One feature of the Tumbl Trak Junior Pro Gymnastics Bar is its rounded edges for safe use. This bar also includes stabilizers to keep the bar stable during use.

This bar is indeed one of the best gymnastics bar available for sale right now. However, if you are a fans of Tumbl Trak and is looking for a kip bar instead, you might want to have a look on our review of Jr Kip Bar, which is also an awesome bar.​

2. Z-Athletic Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar - Best Cheap Home Gymnastic Bar

Product Details:

400 mm diameter rail

Bar height that can be adjusted from 36” to 59”

4.2’ x 4.2’ floor space (without the extension kit)

Needs 7.5’ x 4.2’ of floor space (with the extension kit)

Recommended mat to be used is 4ft. wide

Rail can accommodate up to 1000 lbs. of weight

The Z-Athletic Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar is one of the sturdiest bars on the market. Made from durable fiberglass and covered in wood, this bar offers a weight maximum of 1,000 lbs.

This product also offers an additional extension option (sold separately) that allows for expanded workout options. The base model is designed for level 4 gymnastic routines and level 5 kips. The extension kit allows for level 6 routines.

The Z-Athletic Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar can be used with a standard sized mat, no need for a customized mat. The sturdy construction makes this a great option for your upcoming gymnast. You can get wrong getting this or the Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar For Home.

3. Nimble Sports Little Gym Deluxe - Best All In One Gymnastic Package

Product Details:

Total dimensions: 55” x 30” x 6”

Adjustable height from 3 ft. to 5 ft., with a 100 lb. weight limit

Balance beam is 8ft. that adjusts from 12” to 18”, with 150 lb. weight limit

1-year warranty for all the products

Wood bar is 1-1/2 inches round

This package includes an adjustable bar, an adjustable balance beam, an 8-ft mat and a 6-ft landing mat. The Nimble Sports Little Gym Deluxe is made in the United States and offers a one year warranty.

This product is not one of those cheap gymnastics bars for home. For a little bit more money you will be investing not just in a gymnastics bar but in an entire gymnastics system complete with bar, mats and balance beam.

The beam is 8’ long and 4” wide. The vertical bars are made from stainless steel tubing and the wood bar is 1 1/2” in diameter.

4. Norbert’s Athletic Product’s Gymnastic Mini Bar

The Norbert Athletic Product’s Gymnastics Mini Bar is perfect for use at home or for travel to a gym. This bar is great for young gymnasts under 100 lbs. and at level three or below.

This gymnastics bar offers a maple wood rail along with steel tubing. The quality construction of this bar includes welded joints and powder coated steel surfaces.

The size of this cheap gymnastics bar is perfect for home use by your young gymnast. The size allows for use with standard-sized mats. Mats are sold separately, but there’s no need for a customized mat.

Product Details:

Shipping weight: 49 lbs.

1-1/2” diameter maple wood rail

3 bar height adjustments: 38”, 48” and 58”

100 lbs. weight limit

Standard size matting of 48”

5. Joom Beem Adjustable Horizontal Bar

This bar is perfect for any gymnast aged 2 through 14 and up to 175 lbs. Adjustable heights make this a great option for a bar for gymnastics at home.

The Joom Beem Adjustable Horizontal Bar offers a beautiful pink and black powder coating and a hand-sanded bar.

Of the gymnastics bars for sale on the market today, this bar offers a full five year warranty. The quality construction of the bar makes this a great choice for your child.

Product Details:

Shipping weight of 46.8 lbs.

Maximum weight capacity of 175 lbs.

Adjustable to heights of 36”, 42”, 48”, 54” and 60”

Suitable for ages 2 to 14 years old

Five year warranty

6. Gymnastics Bar Adjustable 3' to 5' Model DX

If you’re looking for a cheap uneven bar for home use, check out the Gymnastics Bar Adjustable 3’ to 5’ Model DX. This bar is good option for young gymnasts to practice and learn new techniques.

The quality construction of the bar makes it great option for your home. In fact, this model is also sold to many gyms and gymnastic studios which speaks to its quality and durability.

Product Details:

Adjustable heights from 3’ to 5’ at 5” intervals

1 ½ “ diameter solid wood bar

Shipping weight of 83 lbs.

100 lb. weight limit

Made with stainless steel vertical bars and a 1 ½” diameter solid wood bar, your young gymnast will be training with competition standard equipment.

7. Mini Bar + Mini Bar Mat Combo

Product Details:

1 ½” diameter maple wood rail

125 lbs. maximum weight

46”x48” base

Up to level 4 gymnast

Mat size 3'6" x 6' x 4"

The Mini Bar + Mini Bar Mat Combo offers the full package for a great bar and mat combo. This product is made in the United States and is great for beginner gymnasts.

The rail is made from solid maple and is designed to fit small gymnasts’ hands. The frame is made from stainless steel tubing with welded joints.

8. AAI Nastia Liukin Floor Training Rail

Product Details:

2” floor training rail

End supports with 1-1/2” diameter fiberglass rail

4 lbs. shipping weight

This fiberglass rail is meant to train beginner gymnasts on hand positions and transitions. This floor training rail allows for teaching handstands and transitions. The product ships fully assembled.

9. The Beam Store Gymnastics Mini High Bar

Product Details:

1 ½ Dia. Hardwood rail

2” steel construction

Mat dimensions: 4’ x 8’ x 4”

Weight limit: 120 lbs.

12 gauge 2” square tubing

Bar height is adjustable from 35” to 60”

Dimensions of mini bar: 8’ x 48”

One of the best mini bars on the market, the Beam Store Gymnastics Mini High Bar is a great choice for a stable gymnastics bar option. This bar has easy set up and is just as easy to store. The mat folds to compact storage.

This bar provides extra stability with upright supports. The height is adjustable and the bar includes telescoping rails with spring loaded pins.

The Beam Store Gymnastics Mini High Bar has extension legs to provide the option for heavier weight bearing. This allows users to do more advanced exercises such as hip circles with a stable bar.

10. Nimble Sports Purple Junior Horizontal Bar

Product Details:

The bar height can be adjusted from 3’ to 5’.

4 ft. wide base

50 lbs. product weight

Recommended mat should be 4’ x 8’

1-1/2” round wood bar

100 lbs. weight limit

1 year warranty

This bar is made in the United States and comes with a one year warranty. The bar adjusts to five different heights and will fit a standard mat size.

The wood bar is 1 ½” and the bar offers a 4 ft wide base. The Nimble Sports Purple Junior Horizontal Bar is great for young beginner gymnasts and can be adjusted as your child grows.

How to Select the Best Gymnastics Bar for your Home

Making the decision to purchase gymnastics equipment for your home can help to reduce the amount of time and money spent at the gym. Your budding gymnast will have the opportunity for extra practice time and extra exercise.

You don’t have to travel to the gym or pay for extra classes to give your child additional practice. Investing in some basic gymnastics equipment for your home will free up your time and money while still providing your child with the practice time she needs.

When you’ve decided to make the uneven bar purchase, there are plenty of options to choose from. Choosing the best one for your home and your gymnast doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Finding cheap gymnastics bars for home use should be a simple task.

Things to Consider

There are a number of things to consider when in the process of selecting a gymnastics bar for your home.

1. Weight Restrictions

You will have to consider your child’s current weight, their expected growth and the weight limit for the bar. Most bars have a weight limit at or above 100 lbs.

If your child is approaching 100 lbs, you will want to carefully consider a bar that offers a weight limit over 100 lbs. As much as we don’t want to admit, our children are only getting bigger. You want the bar to last for as long as your child is involved with gymnastics.

Be sure to follow the weight restrictions recommended for the product you select. You want the bar to be as stable as possible for your child, and the bars are only made to handle a certain amount of weight. Keeping your child safe while practicing gymnastics is your number one priority.

2. Routine Levels

Most of the bars on the market today have a rating for the gymnast routine. For example, some bars are rated up to level four.

Make sure you understand your child’s gymnastic level to choose the bar that’s most appropriate for her skill level. You may find that she’s unable to practice some routines if the bar’s rated skill level is lower than her level. The bar may not provide to right support and stability for her advanced routine.

This is another safety feature that you want to pay attention to when you purchase your new gymnastics bar. Not all bars are created equal and you want your child to be able to practice at her level without worrying about the stability and safety of the bar.

3. Stability

You want to buy the best bar for your money, which means you want the most stable bar for your child. Check the product specifics are stabilization to make sure the bar won’t be too wobbly for your gymnast. Pay attention to the weight limit and routine level to optimize the stability of the bar.

Some bars come with stabilization bars and a wider stance to provide additional stability to the bar. Find one that provides the most support and stability for your child. If the price of the bar seems too good to be true, the bar will probably not be as stable as it could be. In this case, you will get what you pay for.

4. Adjustments

Almost all bars on the market are adjustable. Some have a limit on much they can adjust between each level, some have a limited number of adjustment levels. Make sure that you choose a bar that your child can grow into and one that will grow with her expanded skills.

Measuring your child with the bar and the adjustments is a good idea as you are selecting a bar. Test the bar at different heights to see how it will fit your child.

5. Space and Storage

You will want to consider the amount of space that you have to dedicate to your child’s gymnastic activities. Measurements are included for all products to help you determine the size of the bar.

If your space requires that you dissemble the bar after each use, you will have to consider the ease of assembly/disassembly. Some bars are more difficult to reassemble. If you are planning to store the bar away after each use, make sure the one choose stores easily.

6. Affordable gymnastics bars for sale under $100 dollar?

Basically there is none on the market that is reliable for this type of budget. Even if there is, I strongly don't recommend this as you still want to make sure it is of good quality, as you won't want to risk your child's life. What if the gymnastics bars break? Better be safe than be sorry.

7. The Extras

There’s always something else to buy, and gymnastic equipment is no different. At the very least, your child will need a mat placed under the bar for landings and safety. Some bars include a mat, but most are sold separately. Checkout our reviews on best gymnastics mats for home if you are interested in purchasing one. 

Most mats come in a standard size that fits directly under the bar. Be sure to check the mat size requirements in case a customized mat size is required for your gymnastics bar purchase.

You can add other items to your gymnastics bar purchase. Some bars offer expansion kits to expand the size of the bar. Other packages offer full gymnastics sets complete with balance beams and extra mats.

If you’re planning to build on to your gym in the future, make sure to check out the extra accessories that are available from the manufacturer. Many manufacturers offer a full line of gymnastics equipment for your home gym. Check out the options for to build an entire gym with matching bar, balance beams and mats.


Whether your child is just starting out in gymnastics or she’s looking to build her strength and skills, there’s surely gymnastics bars for sale that’s right for your home gym. Matching the weight and the skill of level of your gymnast to the bar will provide you with the best bar for your money. We strongly recommend the Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar for home if you are only looking for a gymnastics bar due to its many advantages mentioned earlier.

And we highly recommend you to check out  Little Gym Deluxe By Nimblesport  as well, although it is slightly more expensive, it is the full package, which consists of gymnastic bar, balance beam, folding mat and landing mat, which will definitely cost you a lot more if you purchase them one by one.

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