The 5 Best Punching Bag – Detailed Reviews 2018

With recent innovations, punching bag manufacturers have put much more thought into their designs to come out with the best punching bag and also making their productions more specific to different users depending on their basic requirements.

There are different types of punching bags in different shapes, types, and sizes designed to suit different uses ranging from fitness purposes to training your punches. Some of these types include freestanding punching bags, hanging punch bags, speed bags, etc.


Over the years, one of the world's largest martial arts accessory brands, Century MMA has been making highly rated and market leading heavy bags for many years, one of them being the Original Wavemaster freestanding punching bag.

Among so many other reasons, this freestanding bag is our recommended product because it is easy to setup, uses less space and has a rounded base that makes moving the bag easier. More specifically, it comes equipped with a high-density foam filler that helps to absorb the force of impacts evenly and its adjustable height ranges from 47-68 inches tall making it suitable for people of different heights.

It has a durable and heavy-duty vinyl cover that ensures durability with longer life span and it comes in different colors to choose from especially if your gym as a color pattern. When it comes to the best punching bags, the Original Wavemaster by Century Freestanding Training Bag is definitely our recommended product.

Best Punching Bags Comparison Table





best punching bag

  • Base Filler : Sand and Water
  • Weight : 250 lbs
  • Adjustable Height : YES
  • Height : 68"

Rating: 4.9/5

Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)

  • Base Filler : Sand
  • Weight : 100 lbs
  • Adjustable Height : NO
  • Height : 91"

Rating: 4.6/5

Wavemaster XXL Color Black

  • Base Filler : Sand and Water
  • Weight : 270 lbs
  • Adjustable Height : NO
  • Height : 69"

Rating: 4.5/5

Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled

  • Base Filler : Cloth
  • Weight : 100 lbs
  • Adjustable Height : YES
  • Height : 55"

Rating: 4.2/5

Everlast 70 lb Platinum Heavy Bag Kit

  • Base Filler : Sand and Fibre
  • Weight : 70 lbs
  •  Adjustable Height : YES
  • Height : 46.5"

Rating: 4.5/5

Best Five Punching Bags

These products have been chosen to suit a majority of the requirements for punching bags. According to our buying guide, the best punching bags should have just right weight and height for you to get what you desire from the bag. Most importantly, it must come at your financial convenience so that quality is matched with cost. Five of the best punching bags have been reviewed below.

1. Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag

If you don't want to drill holes in your ceiling to hang a regular punching bag then the Original Wavemaster free standing punching bag is the perfect free standing punching bag for you. One reason why it remains one of the bestselling heavy bags by Century till date is that it has a large base that offers optimal resistance reducing its possibility of toppling over. This bag weighs 250lbs when filled up and it is made with a high-density foam and a durable vinyl cover that withstands the great force from numerous strikes with either bare knuckles or gloves.

Just like other Century Wavemaster products, this bag has a quality and durability that ensures its longevity with a bag of 13" diameter and a 26" tall striking force.

It features a 4" thick padding with a solid plastic ring that keeps it from getting worn spots and allows for height adjustment.

It also has a rounded base that makes relocating or movement of the bag easy and it has an unpadded plastic base that is relatively resistant to damage but will be broken if it is hit with too much force. It also features a long center pole that provides a target area with a height of over 5.5ft. This punching bag is essentially good at absorbing forces from nonlinear kicks.

2. Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)

The Versys Fight simulator is a utility freestanding punching bag that is perfect for both ground and standup training for any and every kind of athlete. It has a striking surface that is three times that of a standard bag and it combines the uses of a grappling dummy and those of a standard freestanding bag.

When you buy this fight simulator, you get a heavy bag whose base is filled with sand, weighs approximately 100lbs and a partner-like realistic kind of training.

This revolutionary fight simulator has top and bottom handles that allow various types of workouts or training including takedowns, ground workouts, standup sparring and much more. It has a durable vinyl construction, which features a prefilled base that provides natural rebounds for low impact striking and continuous sparring. The bag can be used for kickboxing, martial arts or even general fitness training, with or without gloves. This is because it has a larger striking surface compared to the traditional hanging heavy bags.

We really like this Versys Fight simulator because of its multipurpose design that helps you train and develop agility, balance, power, and speed. Its versatility and full striking surface for low kicks make it one of the best free standing punching bags on the market.

3. Wavemaster XXL Color Black

The Century Wavemaster XXL training bag is a great punching bag that you can use to save money and space and still have the freedom of training at your maximum capacity. It is one of the most popular freestanding punching bags made by Century, the tallest and it is made of high-density foam, a hard plastic base, and a top-notch vinyl cover.

The base can be easily filled up with sand or water and the foam filler used in the bag is meant to distribute force evenly, which enhances the reaction gotten from the bag although that depends relatively on what is used to fill the base.

It comes in different colors and we particularly like the black color because it feels more natural for a punching bag than the blue and red. With a 69" height, a full 18" diameter, low profile base & large base and an extra-large fill hole and cap that allows for easy filling with water and sand, this bag is a high-quality purchase among boxers, cardio workout professionals and even martial artists.

The XXL weighs 270lbs and has a very stable base that offers more resistance to punches or kicks that don't allow it topple over or slide when it is hit very hard.

4. Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled

The Outslayer Boxing MMA Heavy Bag is an absolute necessity for the frequent and heavy hitter. This heavy bag, which looks and feels quality made is proudly manufactured in the US with the professional in mind.

As long as you're serious about your training and sport, this bag that we've has been deployed over time for use in fitness training, MMA, martial arts, and boxing is the best heavy duty bag for an extra challenge.

It comes with a D-ring used for the bottom attachment (free of charge, but you need to request it from the seller). This heavy bag weighs 100lbs and has a material capacity of up to 300lbs and its 10 years warranty on protects you against anything apart from different weather conditions and sharp objects damage.

It has a heavy duty vinyl cover that helps the bag look very new for a long period of time if it is not removed and another thing we like about it is that it's filled with cloth and not sand or sawdust that will settle at the bottom of the bag with time. The cloth used in stuffing this bag makes it more impact resistant than many other cheaper punching bags.

With an admirable quality that we've almost never seen, the bag is durable, strong, tough remains one of the best heavy bag stands and will last a long time even with heavy daily use.

5. Everlast 70 lb Platinum Heavy Bag Kit

Although the Everlast Platinum Heavy Bag kit is named platinum due to its color and it isn't as expensive as you might be led to think by the sound of the name, it is not lacking in quality in any ways. The set comes complete with the necessary things you need to upgrade your heavy bag game like hand wraps, speed bag, Platinum Nevatear bag, wrist wraps and heavy bag gloves.

It has an adjustable height chain system that gives you the freedom of customizing the hanging weight of the bag to best suit your height for a challenging and intense workout experience.

A mixture of sanitized synthetic and natural fibers offer comfortable hitting, the Nevatear synthetic leather outer shell gives the skin toughness and its double end attachment that allows you increase the resistance of the bag for more intense workouts makes this one very good hanging punching bag.

It doesn't come with any mounting hardware which means you have to purchase those separately and it is made essentially from synthetic leather and has a heavy bag construction that ensures durability.

While just a few other punching bag for sale can compare to the reinforced webbing and construction quality of this bag, this bag will withstand the times with its durability and from experience, the installation of this bag is typically easy no matter where you want to set it up.

Buying Tips and Guide

There are factors that should influence your decision on which punching bag to buy so that you get the most satisfaction. Whatever type of punching bag you're looking for, here are a few major considerations that you need to take seriously.

What’s its functional design?

One major factor to consider is what you want to achieve with the punching bag and your type of training. Whether you're working on developing stamina, power or speed there's a type of punching bag that serves the purpose best.


The prices of punching bags vary depending on the type, size and fill of the bag. Just so you know, cheaper options might not suit you as an adult as they're usually designed for kids. The best of any product features a fine line that settles both quality and financial convenience.

Bag Weight

To get a punching bag that won't be so tough to cause any injury yet challenging enough to train with. We recommend that your punching bag should be just about half your weight. So, for starters, check your weight and make your that this requirement is met.

Bag Fill

All punching bags are filled with foam, fiber, sand or water. They all are great to train with offering their own distinct advantages, which you may or may not like, so to get the best satisfaction, you have to know which suits you best. You can try out different types based on their fill and see which fits you.


If you're looking at fast tracking or honing your sparring skills to get better than your opponents and partners or you just need a punching bag for regular personal workouts, then after reading through this guide, we're sure you now have a more than basic knowledge of what you need to know about the best punching bags.

The only thing remaining is for you to decide which of the top 5 quality punching bags for sale that we've curated for you in this guide suits you best. Most importantly, you should consider The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag by Century which is our recommended gear for the job.

Make your choice and enjoy top quality training from now on. If you also want to train your legs, make sure to check out our squat racks reviews here.

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