The 10 Best Bike Trainer for the Money 2018

Before you get to understand how to cycle, you have to learn the skills of cycling and how to go about because it is not a one day step. There is some balancing to be done before you get to cycle. You should have the best bike trainer to take you through the cycling process for you to be conversant with it.

Cycling is an activity that requires one to train well. It is part of exercise that serves a lot of purposes for the riders. You are certain to enjoy many health benefits associated with cycling. When you cycle your body remains fit as the accumulation of fats in the body muscles is avoided and you are certain to enjoy good health. 

Another aspect that fits it to be the best indoor bike trainer is the fact that it is portable and therefore you can carry it along and set it at you best position in your house. Many satisfied customers have used the Kinetic by Kurt Bicycle Trainer and have lots of good reviews to say about it.

Best Bike Trainer Comparison Table

10 Best Bike Trainer Reviews

1. Kinetic by Kurt 2013 Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer - Best Indoor Bike Trainer

This is one of the best fluid bike trainer in the contains a leak proof magnetic drive system that enables you to cycle smoothly without having any difficulty. The system is designed in that it resists changes automatically without necessarily being adjusted. It has a repeatable workload that is measurable and this helps you to feel the road surface when you are using it. Its platform is stable so as to suit cycling while standing.

This product is one of the best indoor bike trainer as one can keep it at their premises and ride it themselves. The product is flexible as it is able to fit 22 to 29 inch wheels. Another aspect that fits it to be the best is the fact that it is portable and therefore you can carry it along and set it at you best position in your house. There are good reviews about kinetic by Kurt 2013 road machine indoor bicycle trainer. Most customers recommend this trainer because it is quite.

The only problem is that over time the fluid can start leaking and this makes it hard to cycle hence tedious. This drawback has solutions as there are new designs of this trainer where the fluid has been replaced. Another disadvantage of this trainer is that it is noisier than expected. The noise is caused by the belts and the other moving parts.

2. CycleOps Fluid2 Indoor Trainer

This bike stand is manufactured in the United States of America. It is made of materials that does not make it possible to rust hence stainless. It is one of the best in the market today. It has a lifetime warranty when purchased from amazon meaning you are free to claim warranty when you get some problem with it.

It also has adjustable footpads that enables it to be used in all surfaces. The material used to make this trainer is pure steel that makes it durable as it cannot easily break. This is one of the best bike stand for exercise and indoor riding. It is designed to fit both common roads and mountain bike frames. The trainer also contains a spring loaded, bolt- action lever. The trainer is made of alloy and it has a weight of twenty pounds. The trainer has gears that enables you to shift them so as to customize with different surfaces.

Some of the reviews about this trainer is that it is cheap hence affordable by many. Those who have acquired this bike testify that it is durable as one can use up to three times in a week and it can last for more than three years without experiencing any breakage problems.

One of the disadvantage of this trainer is that it is a bit noisier. It is very stable and control of resistance is sufficient. The trainer has a poor assembly instructions that are not clear because they utilize more pictures than writing which tends to be confusing to many people.

3. Tacx Vortex Smart Ergotrainer with Electro Brake - Best Smart Bike Trainer

This is one of the trainer that is designed with eight permanent magnets and eight controllable electro magnet. It is good for all riders due to varied adjustment of resistance. It has a virtual seed outside brake range. It has been integrated with a 2kg flywheel. The trainer has a maximum resistance of ninety five watts. 

It has a weight of 0.22 pounds, this light weight makes it easier to carry it along during warm up exercise in competitions. With its latest design of the electric brakes makes it one of the best. It the best product for a cyclist who is enthusiastic as it gives you the right training from one level to another.

There are different indoor bike trainer reviews. The trainer is addictive due its smooth ride feeling. The trainer does not have hard set up.

The trainer has a drawback in that it does not connect with android smoothly, it can connect with windows but the connections is also not that nice. The design also has issues in that it is not that stable as it easily breaks. Setting the trainer is the only task but once it is well set it works smoothly without any problems. Another disadvantage comes in as the trainer does not contain films, many people prefer a trainer with films suited in it. Generally the reviews are positive if you get to understand and fix it well.

4. CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Trainer - Best Bike Resistance Trainer

The CycleOps is designed with four resistance settings for every rider type and in one trainer. This makes this trainer to be multipurpose as it has different settings that can suit different riders. It also has easy settings that can enable you to warm up before you ride it. It also has road settings where you can be able to ride all day to build volume and build sweat.

The trainer is also designed with a flexible power curve technology that lets you adjust resistance curves and this provides the right force for the rider. This is a magnetic bike trainer that enables you to ride smoothly as it contains easier transport without sacrificing ride feel. This trainer has a pro series frame that offers quick installation and it also has the ability to lock resistance unit in place for storage.

This trainer has been rated highly as most users like it because you can be able to adjust it depending with the type of work that you need it to perform. The advantage of this trainer is that it makes you stronger and you also learn to be stable while in the road. The weight of the fly wheel keeps everything in it spinning for long time. The trainer is also easy to set into the unit. The bike has the best road feel. This trainer has been adored by many because it is silent and it is also easy to turn the bike on and t turn it off. This trainer can best be used for indoors riding as it is affordable and of high quality.

5. Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer

We offer a high performance trainer that will serve you adequately during your training exercise. It is designed with an adjustable-height tubular steel frame that offers outstanding stability and stiffness. The bike also has a fluidly magnetic resistance units that create a sculpted, smooth and progressive power curves. The steel used to construct this bike trainer ensure that no rust comes into contact with it hence durable.

It is redesigned to speed up through the help of the mounting hardware. It also has six different resistance settings that has a bar-mounted remote, this enables the user to adjust it to fit their respective needs.

Unlike the rest is one of the best as it outstands from the rest of the trainers in a number of ways. First it is affordable, this trainer is affordable because it is cheap and serves the same purpose as the rest of the trainers and even does it better, so when it comes to purchasing it will save your financial needs correctly. It is super quite, this trainer is silent while in use as it does not produce a lot of noise hence can be used best for in door cycling. 

This trainer is light compared with the rest hence you can shift its position without difficulty, this characteristic makes it good for to be carried along during warm up in racing competitions. The gears in this trainer makes riding fascinating as there are different levels that is customized to fit different riders. This trainer can fit different bikes and it is also easy to set it making it best for indoor leisure.

6. Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand

Among the best is the indoor bike trainer exercise stand. It is available in the market and hence acquiring it is not a big problem because the price is cheap. It has been designed for heavy duty as it has an extra frame for stability and this makes it to fold easily. Since the trainer can fold easily it makes it to be used anywhere as you can fold it and carry it to your desired place.

The trainer has sturdy mounting cups that helps to reduce sliding. It has a single adjustment knob that is responsible for progressive magnetic resistance. The trainer is compatible with 26 and 27 inch bikes, 700cc bikes can fit it too. It has affront wheel riser block that enables one to feel the real climbing lane.

This particular trainer is good as it is not noisy like the chain saw and this aspect makes it suitable for use indoors as you are sure not to cause disturbance. It also works without the quick release wheel bike. It is more stable as you be able to exert a 250 pound mass on it and it works well without realizing any problem of breakage. You can watch the television comfortably while using it and you will be able to listen what is being said because it is silent, utilizing the fluid to work. It is a high quality product because it is easy to set up .As compared with the rest, this trainer is cheap and its quality does not compare with the price as it is stable and proficient for training. Lastly, this trainer is one of the best as it is composed of simple parts that are not hard to put together and this saves time for you to train.

7. Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand - Best Cycling Trainer

There are several best bike trainer available and magnet steel bike indoor exercise trainer stand is one of them. It has five internal resistance settings, this design has the sole purpose of allowing the users to adjust the resistance to meet their desired needs. It has been made in that it does not produce a lot of noise while using it which is the most preferred by most riders as noise tends to be disturbing a times.

It easily folds and this aspect helps it to suit travelling as you can fold it and pack it without difficulty. This ability to fold ensures easy storage as you can fold it and store it without it necessarily taking a lot of space. It has a heavy duty steel frame that makes it durable as steel does not rust easily compared with other metals available. It has the state of art magnet system which provides progressive magnetic resistance, the resistance has been made in such a way that when you increase the speed it also increases.

Besides that, it is smooth to use as it contains fluid in its system. It is quiet as it does not produce noise, you can be able to listen to the television without straining. The trainer is economical as it is cheap and therefore affordable for all users. The bike offers the best resistance. This trainer can accommodates both the heavy and the light weight users as it can hold up to 240 pounds without falling apart because of the strong stands that is available. 

8. Nashbar Reduced Radius Rollers

Nashbar Reduced Radius Rollers contains 85mm diameter machined aluminum drums that gives the rider a smooth cadence. The drums suited in it offers resistance that builds strength. It also has sealed cartridge bearings that ensures smooth operation without making unnecessary noise, and this enables one to listen to their favorite tunes while using it. It is among the best trainer bike because of its inability to make noise.

The materials used in its construction makes it durable as it cannot rust easily. It uses rollers hence referred to as roller bike trainer. The aluminium frame fitted in it allows it to fit nine settings that accommodates any wheelbase. It is also equipped with non-marring elastic fitting that serves to protect the floor from finishing and this aspect makes it best to be used indoors as you are not risking tempering with your floor. This trainer comes when it is fully assemble hence there is no wasting time with assembling.

This is one of the best trainer around because the rollers has been designed with belts that prevent damaging the floor and hence can be used indoors. It is made of materials that cannot easily break hence durable and you can use it continuously without experiencing any challenge. Most riders prefer using this with the mountain bikes as it works well with them unlike the other types of bikes.

Another advantage of this is that it is cheaper compared with other trainers hence anyone can acquire it. This trainer is good for those who are interested in advancing their cycling skills, simply because you have to handle it with caution for it to work as required. This trainer bike is available for all kinds of riders as it is designed to meet different rider’s needs.

9. CycleTEK Momentum1 Indoor Cycling Bicycle Trainer - Best Stationary Bike Stand

This is one of the best bike trainer in the market that makes riding extremely easy. This is one of the trainer for bikes that has adopted the latest technology in the market today. It has a large roller that is approximately 60mm. It also has the largest flywheel in the industry. The trainer has adjustable hexagonal foot pads that is meant for uneven floors.

The machine has been designed with the best bike rollers that makes riding smooth. It is best used for indoors training especially during bad weather such as winter. The first momentum provides measurable workload due to the silicone filled resistance unit. It is the thermodynamically neutral silicone that offers the stable resistance and the smooth feel.

Most riders prefer to use this during the winter season, because during winter you cannot access the road due to the conditions hence it can best be used for in door training. You can also be able to have the feel of the different surfaces through adjusting of the resistance gears. The best bike rollers are fitted in this machine so as to reduce friction that causes wear and tear. It is also durable because its design can accommodate heavy weight without breaking. It is also best when it comes to assembling because its parts are not easy to connect as each is unique to fit its location and therefore you cannot confuse them while fixing it. The trainer is quite heavy and this is the only disadvantage as you cannot easily carry it from place to place you are certain to get tired. You can purchase this machine easily as the supply in the market is unlimited. It is one of the best bike trainers that you need to equip self with.

10. RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer Stand - Best Bike Stand

RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work out Bicycle Trainer is one of the unique best bike trainer because of its design. It has the state of art technology in that when you commence to pedal, the magnet inside starts to create resistance and it is this aspect that brings out the feeling of the road. The bike trainer is portable as it is light and it can be folded the same way the board used for ironing can be folded.

Since it can easily fold it is easy to store as it does not occupy a lot of space. It has strong stands compared with the rest in the market and this gives it more stability. It is unique from others in that it has extra legs and a fame that makes it to be the best choice for professional riders. It is durable as the materials used for its construction have been proved to stay for long without tearing.

This bike trainer has pros and cons. On the pros is that installation takes little time and its price is considerate. Hence economical. On the cons, it is louder hence disturbing through the noise that it produces. It becomes noisier when the mountain bike ifs fixed on it. The bike has seven levels of resistance hence making it good to be used for indoors training as one can adjust it to their favourite level. Another disadvantage of this trainer is that when it is not set correctly it causes the tires of the bike to shred. It also does not work with a24 inch without quick release. The indoor bike rollers are best suited so as to bring the different surface as for the rider to feel.

Buying Guide

In order to purchase the right bike trainer you have to consider a number of factors.

Place of use

First is the place that you intend to use it .Depending with the place that you intend to use the bike trainer you will be able to choose the right one for use say in the indoor training or for carry to the races for warm up. Some of them are able to fold easily making it easy to carry along wherever you wish to.


You should be considerate of the prices in such a way that it turns out to be the best quality and of the right price. You are likely to get a trainer of high quality at low price and this will serve to your advantage.


The design also matters, you should choose a trainer that has the best design to suit your training needs and it should be less noisy so as to avoid disturbance and it also has to be more stable. You should be able to identify the best bike trainer as there are a variety in the market. A good bike trainer should compose of different levels of resistance so as to enable you to adjust to the one that you wish for at that particular time.


When purchasing a bike trainer you should be able to weigh the price and the quality of the product if they do match the better. Before buying, it is good that you go over the reviews of the product and then come up with a good decision that will not make you regret later. Our recommended one for you will be the Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer due to the leak proof magnetic drive system that enables you to cycle smoothly without having any difficulty. The system is designed in that it resist changes automatically without necessarily being adjusted.

Once you have trained enough, you can consider getting a road bike and go cycling outdoors to explore the places you always wanted to go. ​If you love adventure and wish to cycle up the mountains, you can also consider getting a mountain bike.

In conclusion, it is clear that for you to acquire the best bike trainer, you have to be informed and be updated about the different trainers available and their pros and cons. There are a variety of trainers in the market of which each of them has unique design to suit the trainers’ wants. Bike trainers is one of the faculties that gets you fit through the exercise that you conduct in the process of using it. You can also check out our lists of best recumbent bikes if you are interested in cycling in a relaxed position with a back pad to rest on.

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